The New Standard for Mining Technology

In this age of digitalization, big data and artificial intelligence, driven by the need for increased productivity, Eclipse Mining Technologies® is using decades of industry experience to take a new approach to a platform solution. We built a legacy-free, vendor-agnostic integrative platform with auditing capabilities, designed specifically to meet the needs of the mining industry.

SourceOne is Here

Technology-forward organizations don’t get lost in the weeds of features-shopping. They are more interested in solving their big pain points, such as disparate and irreconcilable data, lack of actionable insights, organizational silos, and how to take advantage of modern technology without disrupting their operations.


Who We Are

With over 150 years of combined experience in mining and technology, the SourceOne platform has been designed and built with a deep understanding of the current needs and challenges faced by mining engineers, geologists and executives.


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With our solution, mines will OWN all their data. And that’s what it’s all about, because without access to ALL your data, how can you truly improve your mine’s efficiency and productivity?